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Храна за кучета, котки, любимци! Производители 3

Етикети: храни, кучета, котки, любимци, консерви, хранене

Brands/Companies R - Z

Reward See Del Monte Pet Products

Royal Canin

  • SOME PRODUCTS RECALLED. See company website for information on exact products recalled.

Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine

  • Only brand is Rudy Greens
  • Food is made at FB3 Development in Louisville, KY, which is a food incubator with FDA and USDA approval and documentation. Owner participates in the manufacturing process.
  • No products contain glutens of any kind.

  • No products contain rice protein.
  • No ingredients are from China.
  • USDA meats, vegetables, and grains are USDA certified for human consumption.
  • They do not private label for other companies.
  • Individually

Sheba See Mars Pet Food

Skippy See Del Monte Pet Products

Sojourner Farms Pet Foods

  • Brands include Sojos, Monzies, Good Dog and Sojourner Farms
  • Foods are manufactued at their own plant in Minnesota
  • They use only human-quality ingredients.
  • Locally-grown grains - Wheat & Corn free dog foods, no wheat gluten
  • Individually owned company (no parent company)
Solid Gold Health Food for Pets
  • Only brand is Solid Gold
  • No products made by Menu Foods
  • Dry food made by Diamond, in Meta, Mo and Lathrop, CA
  • Canned foods are made by Simmons (was Blue Sky Pet Foods) - updated Dec., 2008
  • We have no wheat gluten, nor rice protein concentrate. We use only whole unprocessed grains or bran, not gluten.
  • With 3 exceptions, all ingredients are from domestic sources. Lamb comes from New Zealand, tuna is caught & canned offshore, and the potato protein in the Barking at the Moon high performance food comes from Europe.
  • Company is individually owned by the founder of Solid Gold, Sissy McGill. (no parent company)


  • No products made my Menu foods
  • Manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.
  • All products manufactured in US at company-owned manufacturing facilities
  • Products contain no wheat gluten
  • Ingredients come from US suppliers where possible (i.e. Lamb Meal from New Zealand or Australia and Flaxseed from Canada). Exceptions may be made when US ingredients are not available.
  • Rigorous testing is performed due to finished product being exported to other countries

Spot's Stew - See Halo, Purely for Pets

Stella and Chewy's

  • Made exclusively from human-grade free-range meats, ground bones, and fresh organic vegetables.
  • Manufactured in their own plant in Wisconsin
  • 100% grain free.

Steve's Real Food, Inc.

  • Menu Food does not manufacture any product for Steve's Real Food,Inc.
  • All ingredients are 100% grown in the USA.
  • We also use only 100% human grade ingredients that are 100% USDA inspected. This includes raw meats, fruits, vegetables & functional foods (all ingredients).
  • Foods are hormone free, antibiotic free, pesticide free, chemical free, and gluten free

Summit - See Petcurean Pet Nutrition

Three Dog Bakery

  • Only brand is Three Dog Bakery
  • We manufacture all of our treats and none of our food relates to the recall.
  • Ingredients are 100% domestic. No foreign suppliers or manufacturers.
  • We source our vitamins here in the United States. We have investigated where our suppliers source their ingredients. None of our ingredients are sourced from China.
  • Foods contain no glutens of any kind.
  • Rice protein used is 100% US human quality.
  • Three Dog Bakery, Kansas City, MO. (no parent company)

Editor's Note: I contacted Three Dog Bakery to ask about the label on We Pity the Kitties that says "Product of China." The package also has a label that says "100% Wild Alaskan Salmon. Caught in Alaska and shipped to be freeze-dried and packaged in China." I was told that the "product of China" statement is required of customs even though the product is only packaged there and not actually a product of China.

Tiki Pet Foods by Petropics

  • Only brand is Tiki Cat Premium Wild Caught Seafood
  • Foods manufactured in a privately owned Thailand human cannery
  • All ingredients come from Thailand including raw materials such as rice.
  • Products do not contain wheat glutens of any kind or rice protein concentrate.
  • All products contain all-natural ingredients including added vitamins & minerals manufactured in a human cannery.
  • All products contain no by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • All products made with whole meat formulas.
  • Individually owned company (no parent company).

Timber Wolf Organics

  • We have a privately owned manufacturer in the Northeast. Our owner is very passionate about our formulas and we are the only ones who use them.
  • We do not private label for other companies.
  • We use US regulated suppliers only.
  • Our products are 100% free of gluten, wheat gluten, yellow corn, soy, and animal by-products.
  • Products do not contain rice protein concentrate.
  • We do not sell any other brands.
  • We are privately owned. Our office is in Central Florida and the owner is here with us daily.
  • For more information contact Timberwolf Organics, Inc. at 407-877-8779 or email customer.support@timberwolforganics.com
Trader Joe's
  • Wet food manufactured by Menu Foods but not involved in recall. As a precaution, they are recalling all canned foods.

Tuffy's Pet Food

  • Brands include Tuffy's Pet Food, Supreme Pet Foods, Natural Planet, Organics, Nutrisource
  • They manufacture their own foods.
  • No foreign suppliers or products are used.
  • All ingredients are domestic.
  • We use corn gluten meal in our Nutrisource puppy and Nutrisource senior dry dog food. Corn gluten comes from Minnesota and Iowa.
  • Products do not contain rice protein concentrate.
  • Tuffy's Pet Food is privately owned by KLN Industries in Perham, MN.

VeRUS Pet Foods

  • VeRUS Pet Foods is their only brand.
  • No products made my Menu foods.
  • Dry products manufactured by Eagle Pack.
  • Wet products manufactured by Merrick.
  • All ingredients come from the US, except for New Zealand lamb.
  • No products contain wheat gluten. However, cat food contains corn gluten.
  • VeRUS is an individually owned company (no parent company).

Wellness - See Old Mother Hubbard

Whiskas See Mars Pet Food

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

  • When asked, they would neither admit or deny that Menu Foods is their manufacturer - the name(s) of their manufacturer(s)
    is "confidential."
  • "Raw ingredient that caused the illnesses reported was not being used in our products."
  • Menu Foods is used for 2 canned products but not involved in recall. These are Au Jus (chicken, duck, turkey, NOT rabbit) and Stew & Gravy (beef & chicken)
  • All other foods manufactured in their own facilities (2 factories) in the US.
  • No wheat gluten is used in their products.
  • All products are from the US

ZiwiPeak, Ltd.
  • Ziwi
    Peak is their only brand.
  • All ingredients are from NZ except chicory which is from Europe. We audit all our suppliers.
  • No gluten of any kind is used in any of their products.
  • No rice protein is used in any of their products.
  • Standard tests carried out in NZ show melamine, cyanuric acid, & acetaminophen are not present in the feeds given to animals that are used for their meat, fish and poultry products.
  • Ziwi Peak, Ltd. does not manufacture private labels for other companies.
  • Ziwi Peak, Ltd. is indiviually owned. (ZiwiPeak is manufactured in New Zealand by a company that has until recently been called Wilderness Foods Ltd. For consistency it has just been renamed ZiwiPeak Ltd.)


Links to their websites have been provided when possible.

 Автомобили втора употреба

Автомобил, известен още като кола е безрелсово моторно превозно средство (МПС) с повече от две колела, предназначено за превоз на пътници или товари. Целият автомобилен пазар в България е съсредоточен в автокъщи в София и Дупница. Двата града са водещи в бизнеса с търговия на автомобили нов внос от чужбина. Най-предпочитани марки коли са Hyundai, Honda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Seat, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Ford. Приток на купувачи на коли се наблюдава от Сърбия и много български автомобилни сайтове предлагат информация за своя автосалон и обяви за автомобили на сръбски език за улеснение на купувачите.

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